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Alright Kids listen up, it’s your big buddy Ham here and he needs your help to make secret project Exo Exit a big success.


How do I do this, I hear you ask, well the first thing you gotta do is sign up to our new newsletter “Conscripted for Service”. This will get you all the key updates, like gameplay videos, our Kickstarter launch date and information on how you can you can get to play this game before anyone else. Cause we all know that there is only one thing better than getting to play an awesome game and it’s getting to play that game before anyone else.

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Our Exo Engineers are currently a completely indie outfit, funded only by a passion for sci-fi action adventure games, the air they breath and whatever was in that tequila bottle last night. It was not tequila.


Find out more about our team HERE and hey, while you’re at it, check out our site. Where you can find anything and everything we have for the game so far. So get ready to put that clicking finger to good use!

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If you’ve got any questions for old Ham you can get hold of me here:

 Twitter @ExoExitHam

And don’t forget to sign up with our site, can’t conscript you for service if I don’t know your name. Plus you might have some ideas for us and I promise you we are dying to hear them?

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Keep up the good work kids,

Warrent Officer Ham Stevens

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