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We’re not gonna lie to you. We need some additional funding to make Exo Exit the full-scale, Virtual Reality, 360 degree, all-conquering behemoth we imagine.

The good news is we’re taking steps towards making that funding happen.

Ahead of our launch on Kickstarter next month, we’ve applied for a place at Finance Market. It’s an opportunity for games designers to meet with investors, and it’s run by Games London – a new Boris Johnson-backed initiative to make London a leading creative hub in the global video games industry. The deadline was extended especially for us (we only found out about it very late sir!) and we completed presentations, financial plans, timelines and a promo video in the space of a couple of days.

In early April, successful applicants will attend the event, which includes speeches from finance people and a VIP, before ‘speed dating’-esque meetings kick off… NOTE TO SELF: DO NOT ATTEMPT TO SNOG INVESTORS. Then it’s a tour of the nearby Rezzed event – and the British Academy Game Awards are taking place that evening on the 7th of April.

Watch this space for (hopefully positive) news…

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