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Story Overview

Mars -­ a home to mankind in the distant past -­ is overrun with hostile alien species. But given the options in a world ravaged by catastrophic attacks, it seems man’s only hope of reclaiming a planetary home and saving its kind. Recolonising the shattered planet’s surface -­ whilst defending yourself against hostile alien species, and with only a simple comms system back to the Exo Exit ship’s command? Your chances seem slim to none. One thing’s for sure: with the authorities’ dim views on your human rights, you’ve got nothing to lose.


Explore the ruins of a lost civilisation as you journey across an expansive Mars landscape.

Defend yourself against hostile alien species attacks in surface clashes.

Survive within an inhospitable environment using what’s left from man’s previous red planet habitation to fight hunger, thirst and radiation.

Search for resources to upgrade equipment, unearth past facilities, and satisfy your superiors on the Exo Exit.

Construct the beginnings of a base, a colony to re-­establish a home for mankind.

Manipulate the remains of technologically-­advanced machinery and use them to your advantage.


Character Profiles


Exo Exit is a sci-fi action, adventure and exploration game based on the surface of Mars.

Strategic thinking as well as quick reactions are required to negotiate the red planet’s inhospitable environment and to set up and develop a base there. 

Beautiful, expansive landscapes have been designed for exploration, and forgotten relics of past inhabitations – crucial for progress – are rendered in awesome detail.

The game is in production for PC and Mac, and plans for a Virtual Reality support are already being made.

All system requirements are currently TBC.

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