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ESA Exomars robot

Dunno if you’ve heard, but the ExoMars mission to search for biosignatures of Martian life is kicking off in March. On the 14th, the Trace Gas Orbiter and the ‘Schiaparelli’ Entry, Descend and Land Module will be launched, starting Europe and Russia’s joint research venture.

To celebrate, we thought we’d try to make that date an Exo Exit milestone as well…




We’re working towards having Exo Exit’s basic structure and supporting promo material done to tie in with our target date for launching on Kickstarter!!

The aim is that with some further funds we can truly realise the game’s potential, and make it every inch the corker it deserves to be…

There’s also a chance of a scaled-­down mobile-­platform mini Exo Exit game around that time too… we’ll see what our workloads allow…

In the meantime, we’re continuing to flesh out the character bios, write promotional and pitch documents, and of course develop the gameplay, soundtrack, content and extensiveness of our visual landscape.


Exo Exit - Title GIF


There will be gameplay videos very shortly on the horizon allowing you to see what we have been up to. More information will follow later about what rewards we plan to give to our backers and fans. It is a story driven game after all so you can expect this to be key part of our plans.

So watch this space for updates, and, of course, wish us well for a fat wad of funding cash!!


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