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Last week, EGX’s REZZED games expo ran from Thursday to Saturday, exhibiting some of the best new stuff from across the gaming world. And that, of course, included Exo Exit. We spent three productive but knackering days at Tobacco Dock in Wapping – thankfully a far more interesting venue than the metal sheds that usually play host to these events.

As well as indie game stands, there were talks from developers, opportunities to mess around with the latest Virtual Reality software, merchandise stands… but a distinct shortage of bar facilities. Probably for the best.

With our little stand, our poster and our playable demo, we spoke to loads of gamers, developers, competitors and specialists. And we’re not afraid to admit that we learned a lot…

1) Bring speakers – nobody else uses headphones so crank it up and don’t get drowned out

2) Don’t run your build from a Mac laptop – go PC to avoid DVI adaptor headaches

3) Get your business cards and promo sorted in advance rather than legging it round print shops at the eleventh hour

4) Involve more people. Standing up and chatting gets a bit… tiring after 8 hours. Tag-team manning of the stand also allows for attendance at presentations, regular comfort breaks, and even some off-duty ‘refreshments’

5) Go for a multi-machine set-up. As well as commanding a bigger floor space, you can get more people playing the demo, potentially even two simultaneously. Get yer elbows out, Exit!!

But we’re itching to do it again soon, and will be following up on some interesting leads.

Cheers to everyone we met. Stay in touch y’all.


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