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Stuart Spencer Tron

Stuart Spencer

Creative Director / Programming

Stuart is the founder of BELOUDEST he is a Game Designer, Programmer,  Web Developer working in the games industry.

Tron Tom Hall

Thomas Hall

Technical Director / 3D Modelling

Tom is a manufacturing designer with globally renowned companies in the industry. He is skilled in technical design & 3D modelling.

Tron Ewan Lawson

Ewan Lawson

Design / Modelling / Motion Graphics

Ewan is a freelance Motion Graphics Designer, Compositor and Animator working within TV, film and advertising.

Tron Louis

Louis Weinblatt

Creative Writing

Louis is a freelance writer focused on scifi and fantasy, with a back ground in performance and archaeological studies.

Harry Pinnock Tron

Harry Pinnock

Music Composition

Harry is a talented keyboardist and composer. His music has been sync’d with some well recognised brands globally.

Gareth Hester Tron

Gareth Hester

Sound Design

Gareth is a Sound Designer, Re-recording mixer & Producer working for leading Record Labels and sound developers such as Hospital Records & Zero G.

Andy Foster Tron

Andy Foster


Andy is programmer and System Admin. Having recently gained skills with Unity which he is utilising well.

Richard Haylock Tron

Richard Haylock

Copy Writing / Marketing

Rich writes and communicates effective messages to our audience. He has worked for companies such as Volkswagen.

Tron Oliver Plunkett

Oliver Plunkett

Concept Art

Oliver is a freelance concept artist and illustrator specialising in characters. He is currently expanding his skills to include environment design.

Tron Ryan Archer

Ryan Archer

Concept Art

Ryan is a marketing and concept artist working on alien concepts for Exo Exit. He has worked on games such as Star Citizen.

Abrar Khan Tron

Abrar Khan

Concept Art

Abrar Khan is a concept and video artist who has been doing some of our environment concepts for Exo Exit. He has worked for leading games companies such as Ubisoft.

Jian Guan Tron

Jian Guan

3D Modelling

Jian is 3D Modelling designer and concept artist who has been bringing some of our concepts to life. He has worked on Disney game titles such as Cars.

Specialist Harold “Archie”

Jono Bell

Video Producer

Jono is video producer and recording specialist. He has helped with the recording of our Kickstarter video and also contributed with some music for the game.

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