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Exo Exit is brought to you by BELOUDEST

Beloudest is an independent UK-based games design studio, recently formed to bring the Exo Exit concept to life.

The team has been inspired by the growing story behind Exo Exit and the challenge it presents… and we’re buzzing at the prospect of seeing the game realised in its full glory. Of course we value thrills and excitement – we’re adrenalin junkies at heart – but we’re also fascinated by the times in which we live, and ongoing discoveries beyond our own world. With Exo Exit we’re aiming to marry these obsessions in creating the ultimate in exploration, survival, strategy and action. And we want to share with you the incredible world we’ve been dreaming about, building, and inhabiting for the last 12 months. At this stage, anything less would seem a disservice – both to you and to ourselves…