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Month: March 2016

The EXO Series

While it is not common knowledge among the Exo Exit’s civilian population, this massive ship is not the first of its kind to grace the black. To our knowledge, it is in fact the tenth.   Despite varying greatly in size and design, each member of the Exo series shared the singular purpose of finding […]

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Promo video!

As is ‘de rigueur’ nowadays for games developers, we’ve got a promo video in the pipeline. Some of Exo Exit’s key command (that’s us, like) met up over the weekend to do some filming. The end product will be used on our website, Kickstarter page and beyond to further excite gamers, investors and everyone in […]

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Just like Keatons, we’re driving around in branded Mini Coopers and convincing you to move somewhere you don’t like. Oh hang on, no – I mean just like Keatons we’ve got another home for you to have a look at. This time it’s our hub on independent games site IndieDB, where you’ll find game details, […]

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Well, the joint European/Russian satellite, ‘ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter’ launched this morning. Alas, our Kickstarter window did not. But then again, the planned follow-up launch of the Mars rover for 2018 looks set to be pushed back to 2020, so we’re in good company. We felt that – with the amount of activity going on […]

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There’s no news like good news. Or perhaps it’s ‘no news is good news’… Well anyway we’ve had some news. And it’s good. Following our application to Games London’s Finance Market (read about our application here), we’ve received confirmation that we’re IN!! That means, come early April, we’ll be heading to the Finance Market event […]

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